Global Point Consulting (GPC) is a worldwide strategic consulting, training, and project management company, committed to delivering accurate training innovations and quality business support solutions. We help business leaders identify their greatest challenges so they can be positioned for healthier operational performance to create and sustain long-term growth and a competitive advantage. We assist clients in reaching their horizons by building strong relationships through efficient communication and professional insight.

Additionally, GPC helps customers achieve results by identifying mission critical issues and designing and implementing innovative and tailored training solutions to improve operational performance and project management. Working with organizations of all sizes, we develop solutions to strengthen their company around the world. Our global network of cleared professional consultants have industry-leading expertise and assist clients in harnessing opportunities to achieve a higher standard of response to business opportunities.

We Build Trust and Strong Relationships with our Customers

GPC Approach

GPC focuses on tailored professional, and practical performance-based training. We believe this methodology and approach establishes an interactive and productive learning and assessment environment that fosters open dialogue and maintains a personalized approach.

Benefits & Experience of GPC

GPC is an industry leader in developing, directing, and executing the highest quality training and assessment programs designed to meet the specific needs of its Clients. GPC’s team of senior professional leaders and instructors offers more than 100 years of international experience.

Above All the Rest

GPC has industry-leading experience with face-to-face training and assessment in both formal and informal settings and offers practical solutions to continue cutting-edge training and assessment. We are defined by core values of integrity, excellence and commitment to support clients needs.

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